Dress Code for DHS

The dress code for DHS will be similar to other public high schools in Polk County. Clothing must be in good taste and follow acceptable dress for an orderly learning environment.

All clothing will be of appropriate sizing as determined by the administration. No attire will contain markings, which are offensive, suggestive, indecent, or gang related.

The following are the expectations for student dress:

Acceptable Jeans, dress slacks, capris, or walking shorts MUST be knee length.
Unacceptable Spandex / yoga pants
Holes in material / frayed material
Leggings / jeggings / joggers
Jogging / sweat pants / pajama pants
Athletic shorts (except in PE class)
Short shorts
Acceptable Appropriate tops, including T-shirts and
blouses, will have sleeves. Oxford style dress
shirts and polo shirts. Pullover sweatshirts
worn over an approved shirt.
Unacceptable See-through materials
Tops without sleeves
Sweaters/jackets used to cover inappropriate
Midriff / halter tops
Skirts/Dresses and Spandex Material
Acceptable Skirts/dresses that are knee length
Unacceptable Spandex material
Sleeveless dresses
Skirts/dresses shorter than knee length
Acceptable Athletic type of shoe, flats or other safe shoe
Unacceptable Slippers/house shoes/flip flops
Heels over 2 inches
Unacceptable Hats/bandanas/head coverings (without the
approval of administration for religious or
health conditions).

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