Our Vision

To accomplish our mission, DHS has designed a revolutionary building plan, one that deviates from the standard, while maximizing a 21st century environment. To emphasize a modern feel, while accentuating the natural beauty of Lake Alfred, we plan to have the following unique features on our campus:

  • Four state of the art campus buildings
  • Larger classrooms to accommodate breakout sessions and in-class technology
    • Outdoor breakout space will be included with each classroom to maximize the Florida weather and environment
    • All technology and science labs will be built into the classrooms
  • An all digital media center utilizing eBooks instead of traditional paper based books
  • A college-like campus setting with multiple buildings
    • Academic buildings will be broken into content focuses: STEM building will house all math, science, technology, and engineering classes
    • Humanities building will house all literacy-based classes such as English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, and electives
  • A 1:1 student to device ratio with each student having a laptop
  • A cafeteria that maximizes both indoor and outdoor space.
  • A gymnasium complete with a fitness area, classroom space, and a regulation sized court
  • A nature/fitness trail that accentuates the natural beauty of the grounds
  • A student common area to study, research, and collaborate with peers

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