Who are we?

Discovery High School (DHS) is a charter expansion supported by its parent organization, Discovery Academy of Lake Alfred (DALA). DALA, has spent the last 14 years providing a quality education to students in the East Polk County area of Florida with amazing results. In fact, we have done such a great job, our parents desperately have asked us for a high school so their children do not need to leave us. This sentiment is our motivation for opening our high school. DHS will seek to bring the latest and greatest in educational technology and philosophy to our new school. As a result, our students will be the most prepared of any high school students in Polk County upon graduation and ready to embark into their future.

Programs at the School

We also believe in the philosophy of “education for all.” At DALA we have created a diverse community of learners with representatives from every Polk County demographic and a yearly free and reduced lunch count of 75%. Our enrollment policies at our high school will ensure that we continue to maintain reflective demographics to that of DALA. In addition, we do not intend to limit our enrollment policies to only include academically gifted students; rather, we will have a diverse community of learners from all ability levels. To accommodate these learners, DHS will provide a variety of educational programs. To best meet their needs, students and parents will be able to choose one of the following program options:

Option 1: Career Readiness – These students will seek to enter the career field or a 2-year college or training center upon graduation. Through our advising program we will be able to match these students with potential employment or training programs that will meet their career needs.

Option 2: College Readiness – These students will seek to enter a 4-year college. Through our academic advising these students will be matched with appropriate colleges based on their potential career choice and academic abilities.

By creating this atmosphere, we will be able to accommodate all learners and increase the educational opportunities for the students of Polk County.

Academic Performance

DHS ELA % at Level 3 or higher compared to other high schools

School Grade

Discovery High School is a D school.

Annual Independent Fiscal Audit

Results of the audit for 2016-2017 will not be available until October, 2017.

Capacity Determination

The PCSB approved the projected enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year to be 520 students.

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